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Electrical Directorate is responsible for design and development of all types of Electric Locomotives including their sub-systems. It also deals with service related technical problems, including standardization, indigenisation of technology/sub-systems through industry and quality control/vendor base of vital items of Electric Locomotive assigned to RDSO by Railway Board. Work also includes evaluation of new technologies and up gradation of product for higher performance, reliability and economies in operation.  


Holding of various types of Electric Locos on IR except WAG-6 A, B, C and WAP-5/WAG9 which were imported in limited numbers with transfer of technology, all locos were designed indigenously at RDSO .With adoption of 3-phase technology and import of WAG-9/WAP-5 class 6000HP, 25KV with TOT from the then M/s.ABB, Switzerland. IR possesses state of art technology in field of Electric Locos. These locos are now being indigenously manufactured at CLW since 1998 and RDSO support this technology and successfully indigenised vital sub-systems through industry, thus bringing down cost of production of these locomotives in India.WAP7 locomotives, indigenously developed is an example of successful example of absorption of technology.


Electrical Directorate headed by Principal Executive Director Standards Electrical & a team of Executive Director Standards Electrical, Directors and Engineers of Electrical Directorate.

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